Ancestry DNA Kit guidance

Our gift to John & Mercedes were Ancestry DNA Kits. Jessica had them open them at the same time. John prepared his specimen first, since Mercedes ate some melon recently after we opened gifts. An individual must wait thirty minutes after putting any substances in their mouth before filling the valve with saliva. One needs to create an account with before delivering the sample. I don't know if allowed members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to sign in with an account previously, but we thought so.  After failing to sign in with Mercedes' account, we let John set her up with an account at There are a few questions to answer, and the identification number needs to be produced to match the specimen with the account. It was simple for them to prepare, and the results will come back in six to eight weeks.

Examples of good habits to add to Habitica

When I arrived at the apartment, I added a bunch of homely habits to Habitica. These new habits made the apartment look and be more neatly. I asked Jessica, "What habits do you thing I should develop?" She couldn't think of any, but I remembered somethings that she suggested previously. Thinking of habits to develop, I looked around the house. The more that I do the more experience that I get in the Habitica game and life. The following habits were added to my list:Put away floss, toothpaste, and tooth brushes; clearing bathroom counterPut on/remove shoes near doorKeep shoes organizedTake out trashWipe counters cleanOrganize recyclingRinse recyclable containersOrganize papersClear tablePut away dishesPut away clothesFill grain bins.

Writing at Night: How to further dim an inverted color Android screen

I woke up at 5 AM as usual, completing my journal entry for yesterday. Today's journal entry seems like I am writing about writing. I probably wrote for seven hours.Since I woke up so early, I wrote in darkness. I inverted the screen color to reduce the bright colors. I actually wanted the brightness of the colors to be darker or dimmer. I do this to reduce the strain on my eyes. Looking on the Android Play Store, I found many apps to dim my screen, but an interesting concept is that dimming an inverted screen actually makes the screen a brighter hue. These apps don't actually dim the brightness of the phone, but they modify the display to look dimmer by causing the white colors look more grayish or a less bright white hue. This inverted dimming situation was a problem to solve. Most apps were straight forward, but an app called Night Shift actually had an option to make the screen brighter. I found that making a screen with inverted colors brighter actually dimmed the display…